Computing is an increasingly popular subject in Scotland’s schools. It’s also a priority area with great employment prospects.


What’s involved?

With more and more children aware of, and interested in, technology in its various forms, getting involved in computing is an attractive course option for pupils.

Being a computing teacher is all about introducing young people to the fundamentals of programming and information technology and developing their skills as they progress through school. You’ll be able to share your enthusiasm and expertise from basic coding to complex programming and the use of many popular applications.

Computing teacher training options

There are two routes into teaching computing. You can study a four year degree that combines education with business studies and computing science (or computing science and maths) or take a one-year computing PGDE course following an undergraduate degree.

Ian Power - Computing Teacher at Auchinleck Academy

“I switched from a career as an electrical engineer to become a Computing teacher after being made redundant. I found the job security very attractive and I also knew I would enjoy the social aspect of teaching, the interaction with pupils, and the variety that their personalities bring to my work. Even after 15 years in the role, I’m still happy with my decision. It’s very rewarding to see pupils develop their skills over their time from S1 to S6. Pupils don’t all learn the same way, which keeps lessons varied as you have to adapt your teaching style for every class and pupil. This makes each day different. New technology also means the Computing course has continually changed over the years and this has driven me to develop and learn new skills in my subject as well."