Home Economics

Home Economics covers a wide range of essential skills for modern living and it’s a priority subject in Scotland’s schools.


What’s involved?

Home Economics tackles issues from family health and lifestyle to budgeting, childcare and parenting, nutrition and diet, food preparation and hygiene, fashion and textiles and consumer studies. As well as mandatory lessons for pupils in the early years of secondary school, exam courses are also taught throughout senior school.

Home Economics training options

Home Economics teachers require a degree in consumer studies or food and consumer studies or consumer and textile studies, or similar, plus a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

Andy Williams - Home Economics Teacher at St Kentigern’s Academy

“As a Head Chef and a contract catering manager, I always enjoyed training and coaching my staff. But after getting married and starting a family I wanted to get away from anti-social hours. My interest in food, and enjoyment of coaching meant teaching felt like a perfect choice. I genuinely love being a teacher; I really feel I have found my vocation. It is immensely fulfilling to teach students life skills and skills that will assist them gain employment and to watch their progression.

"A number of my students have pursued careers in hospitality and this makes me incredibly proud. In teaching I feel I can really make a long-term difference. I have the opportunity and responsibility for helping shape my students to give them the best chance of a successful future."