Biology is a highly popular science subject that’s a staple option in all of Scotland’s schools.

What’s involved?

Biology teachers focus on the study of living organisms, looking closely at how the human body works as well as other aspects of the natural world. Topics include things like cell theory, evolution, genetics and introduce children to the study of life itself.

Biology tends to be taught within a broad science context in the early years of secondary with pupils specialising in the subject as they progress towards national examination standards.

Biology teacher training options

Biology with science teachers must have a degree in biology or biological sciences plus a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Alternatively, they can study a degree that combines professional education with Biology.

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Natalie Finlayson - Biology Teacher at Leith Academy

“One of the most important things about teaching is showing my enthusiasm for the subject. When the pupils see how passionate you are then they start to care too. I don’t think that I’ve ever taught the same lesson twice. Even though you’re teaching the same curriculum every year, it doesn’t mean you teach it the same way. Every pupil and class have different needs, so you have to be creative and adaptable; it’s exciting that every day is different. Working with young people can be challenging but that’s a good thing. They give you the drive to better yourself and better their learning. If you’re interested in teaching, get into a classroom and observe teachers in action. You’ll get a feel for the job and hopefully you’d find it as fun as I do."

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