If History’s your passion, there are always opportunities to teach in Scotland’s secondary schools.

What’s involved?

By studying past events and societies, children learn about the origins of their culture and develop a strong understanding of the modern world.

Scottish schools cover a wide range of topics from Scottish, British, European and world history, looking at significant past events and societies and contextualising their relevance to the modern world.

History teacher training options

History teachers either follow their history degree with a post-graduate Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or study a four-year combined degree in history and education.

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Kate Riddell – History Teacher at Hawick High School

“I worked as an administrative assistant before becoming a teacher but found office work tedious and knew I had more to give. I chose teaching because I really enjoyed working with people and wanted to make a difference to young people’s lives.

"Teaching History can sometimes be quite challenging as students often ask why they need to learn about the past. Once I explain the skills they learn in class are invaluable and show how they’re relevant to future jobs then they do get on board.

"I’m enthusiastic and hardworking and I genuinely care about the students. I’m not just their History teacher but also someone they can confide in and come to if they’re worried about anything. If you’re willing to work hard, can time manage well and are committed to young people then I’d recommend teaching to you. It’s an extremely rewarding career."

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