“I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland but moved to Scotland to work in a primary school in North Edinburgh four years ago.

“I got into teaching from a placement I did at secondary school. I worked for a week in a nursery, loved it, and just knew that was the career path I was going to take.

“I love the people in Scotland, I’ve always felt so welcomed by them. I love that there’s always something to do – the Edinburgh Fringe and lots of other different festivals. Add to that the fact that I’m really close to beaches and hills. The scenery here is absolutely stunning.

“My move to Scotland was the best decision I could have ever made – there’s so much room to grow and my career has completely blossomed. At St David’s I work in a promoted post as a Development Officer. I’m a member of the management team and I’m also developing play-based learning.

“I would encourage anyone to teach here – there’s so many great opportunities.”

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