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How to become a teacher in Scotland

There are several different routes into teaching in Scotland. For some becoming a teacher is a lifelong passion that begins at school and for other folk it’s a career change later on in life. There are also teachers that qualified in other countries who want to bring their valuable skills and experience to Scotland. Whichever category you fall into, we can give you the information you need to make your next steps in becoming a teacher in Scotland.

All applicants must have achieved SCQF Level 6 or above in English (e.g. Higher grade), and SCQF Level 5 in Maths (e.g. National 5).

If you don’t have the correct English or Mathematics qualifications to enter teaching in Scotland, Online Access Courses in English (SCQF Level 6) and Mathematics (SCQF Level 5) exist which will enable you to work flexibly, online, towards attaining these qualifications. For more details on Online Access Courses, click here.

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Qualified elsewhere

Welcome to Scotland, a country world-renowned for its education system. We hope you’ll join us. If you have already qualified as a teacher and have worked elsewhere in the UK or somewhere in the rest of the world, we can offer you excellent prospects.

Transferring your teaching qualifications

If you were a teacher elsewhere and want to transfer to working at a state school in Scotland, you must register with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS), the governing body for the teaching profession. Generally, English teaching qualifications are transferrable.

Did you know?

There are over 32 Local Authority areas that you can apply to teach in. Highlands, islands, cities, villages and towns all over Scotland are awaiting your application.
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How your GTCS application will be assessed

Once you have submitted your application, the GTCS will assess your qualifications to make sure they meet the professional teaching criteria in Scotland. In some cases, they might ask to submit further evidence or documentation to support your application. You find lots more details and the information that’s relevant to you at General Teaching Council for Scotland.

Salary for teachers in Scotland

You can expect to gain a salary that reflects your experience, so it will vary from case to case. As a teacher in a state school in your first qualified year, you can expect to be paid £26,895. Teachers then move one point up the salary scale for every year they have been teaching.

Promoted teachers will earn more. You can find out the details from the Scottish Government. And if you choose to take a position in a private school, you can expect salaries to vary from place to place.

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