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Teach in Scotland and write your next chapter

Scotland is a great place to develop your teaching career and we’re looking for passionate, dedicated teachers right now. Our national Curriculum for Excellence is specifically designed to encourage teachers to deliver their own creative, engaging lessons.

And, with a comprehensive, free, state education system available to all children from 5 to 18, there are always opportunities for great teachers.

Life in Scotland

Scotland is a wonderful place for your next adventure. It’s an exciting, diverse country. While it has thriving, cosmopolitan cities, it also has breathtaking countryside where you can explore a host of outdoor activities.

With its enviable reputation for hospitality, Scotland welcomes visitors whether they’re just passing through or hoping to stay forever.

Steps towards teaching in Scotland

Scotland welcomes great teachers. However, before you can think about working here you’ll need to ensure that you have the right qualifications and correct visa.

Step 1: Register with the GTCS

Before you can teach in a Scottish state school, you must be registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS). The GTCS is responsible for ensuring that each teacher’s qualifications meet the required standard.

You can apply online to register with GTCS. Applications may take up to 30 working days and will cost £189.

Step 2: Apply for a UK visa

In order to teach in Scotland, you must be eligible to work in the UK – this often means applying for a visa. You can get more information on the types of visas available, and how you can apply here.

The Home Office usually grants visas within 3 – 6 weeks. Costs vary between visa types.

Step 3: Apply for teaching jobs

Once you have a visa and are registered with the GTCS, you’re able to apply for teaching jobs anywhere in Scotland.

Search for teaching jobs here.

Step 4: Come to Scotland

We can’t wait to welcome you!

For more detailed information on these steps, please sign up using the form to download our free guide to teaching.

Salary for teachers in Scotland

Your salary will depend on your experience, so it will vary from case to case. As a teacher in a state school in your first year as a fully registered teacher, the salary is £32,034. Teachers then move up the salary scale for every year they’ve been teaching.

Promoted teachers will earn more. And salaries in the independent sector vary from place to place.

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Teaching in Scotland

Discover how other teachers made their own moves to Scotland.

Watch Aoife Lambert from Ireland

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Watch Cara Collins from Canada

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Paul Hoffmann – English Teacher at Trinity High School and Duncanrig High School

“I’m from Rockhampton, Queensland in Australia. I came to the UK in 1996 playing cricket and went on a whirlwind road trip to Scotland. The big mountains and peaceful scenery convinced me to move over.

"I love the culture and the close community in my village. My wife is from Islay so we go there every holiday. Everything is so close here.

“My favourite part of teaching is the variety. Every day is different – a new challenge. I’m an area cover teacher so I look after 260 students when they’re doing English. I try to make them better students, better people. Put a smile on their faces when I can!

“It’s not been difficult moving here – kids are the same anywhere. The Scottish curriculum is similar to Australia, but I find there’s more flexibility and freedom to teach over here.”

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Hanna Willows - Primary Teacher at Gledfield Primary School

“I’m from Perth, Ontario in Canada. There weren’t a lot of jobs where my family lives, and I figured that if I was going to go far for work, I was going to go really far! I knew Scotland was looking for teachers, so I started researching how I could get here.

"I teach at a tiny school in the Highlands with only 28 kids. I teach a composite class of Primary 1, 2 and 3. The other teacher at the school teaches P 4 – 7. Scotland has given me the opportunity to live out my dream; I knew I wanted to be a teacher, and I knew I wanted my own class. A lot of people don’t get that in their first year of the profession and that’s what I’ve been given here. I have an amazing group of kids.

"Where I live is a beautiful spot. I recently bought a car, so my friends and I take advantage of every weekend to see the country – going on hikes or adventures around the Highlands."

Aoife Lambert - Primary Teacher at St David's RC Primary School

“I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland but moved to Scotland to work in a primary school in North Edinburgh four years ago.

"I got into teaching from a placement I did at secondary school. I worked for a week in a nursery, loved it, and just knew that was the career path I was going to take.

"I love the people in Scotland, I’ve always felt so welcomed by them. I love that there’s always something to do – the Edinburgh Fringe and lots of other different festivals. Add to that the fact that I’m really close to beaches and hills. The scenery here is absolutely stunning.

"My move to Scotland the best decision I could have ever made - there’s so much room to grow and my career has completely blossomed. At St David’s I work in a promoted post as a Development Officer. I’m a member of the management team and I’m also developing play-based learning.

“I would encourage anyone to teach here – there’s so many great opportunities.”

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