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You’re given a puzzle to solve – it could be a crossword, a Sudoku, a 3d game, a lock puzzle, jigsaw, or even a mystery room challenge. Whatever it is – it’s going to be hard to crack. Your first reaction is:

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In your group of friends, you’re the one most likely to know:

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You’re having a meal with your family. Do you:

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A close friend needs advice. Are you most likely to:

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You’ve got an important presentation coming up, and you’re the key speaker. But it’s a bit disorganised. You haven’t been told how many people are attending. Or if there’s a Q&A session afterwards. How do you feel:

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When you think about school, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

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You’ve got a free weekend coming up. What will you be doing?

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Mostly As

The planner. You’re a problem-solver, and your capacity for knowledge and learning is fierce. You’re an information sponge, and probably even a bit of a genius. You won’t limit yourself to your subject - you could probably specialise in lots of different things quite easily. You just love finding out about things, whether it’s an important scientific breakthrough or how to make a perfect flat white at home. You’re also interested in culture, and keep up with the names and faces that matter. Making every moment count means you’re one of the busiest people on the planet. But you stay in complete control with bullet diaries, daily planners, automated to do lists, phone notifications, and Google calendars. You’ll know your timetable backwards. And as a true detail person, you’ll be a tough but fair leader in the classroom.

Mostly Bs

The team player. You’re the best at bringing people together and getting everyone involved. Who could say no to you? You’re outgoing, and sociable. You love being part of a group. And the group loves having you in it. Your natural enthusiasm for life makes you an uplifting person to have around – and you’ll be popular with your pupils, and your teaching colleagues alike. You’re an easy going person, and you probably find most things a breeze – whether it’s stepping in for another teacher, demonstrating the finer points of the serial comma, or doing a quick 5k at lunchtime. But you’ll also be the kind of teacher who will quickly spot the pupil who needs that extra bit of encouragement, and be able to inspire them and give them confidence.

Mostly Cs

The performer. You love being in front of people. And the classroom is your stage. You’re a natural entertainer, and if any teacher can make learning fun – it’s you. You don’t let pupils get swamped with information and lose interest – you know that the bigger picture is important, too. And you have a natural instinct for being able to engage with others, and keep them listening with an anecdote or amusing story to bring a point to life. You’re quick witted and smart – and pupils will look forward to your classes. As a real people person, you find it easy to connect with children and young people. And because you’re self-aware, and understand the impact you have on those around you, you’ll never lose sight of the fact that you’re a role model. You don’t let many people see your serious side, but it’s there. And it’s what helps you achieve such a great balance – so along with your engaging spontaneity, comes a willingness to try new techniques, experiment with new approaches for difficult topics, take on more responsibility and rise to challenges.

Mostly Ds

The supporter. You could be the teacher who gets the most thank yous, and the best Secret Santas. You’re caring and nurturing, and there’s nothing you won’t miss – whether it’s someone skiving class, or someone struggling in class. You’ve got a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what’s going on. And children and young people – and even your colleagues in the staff room - will find it easy to talk to you and confide in you. You’re the one everyone can count on. And you’re not easily shocked. You probably had medicine or the police on your short list of career options – because helping people matters to you. You’re calm, and can think clearly – keeping your head no matter how loud things get. And while you’re an idealistic, your feet are on the ground. So beyond sharing your passion for your subject - you want to help your pupils gain the knowledge and values that will help them succeed as good citizens, too.

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