Technology teacher training options

Teachers of technological education either have a degree in an engineering or a technological subject plus a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). Alternatively they can study a degree course that combines technology with education. And if these options don’t quite work for your circumstances, there are some alternative routes to consider.

Bursary for Technical Education teaching courses in Scotland

There are bursaries available for career changers who have been employed for at least three of the last five years and already have a Technical Education degree. Find out how to apply here.

Four-year university course in education

For the four-year combined degree and other undergraduate degree programmes you must have at least:

  • English and two other National Qualifications at SCQF Level 6 (Higher Grade) AND
  • Mathematics and one other subject at SCQF Level 5 (or an accepted alternative, for example, National 5, Credit Standard Grade or Intermediate 2).

Check the entry requirements with the course provider.

PGDE university courses

Here are the universities you can study for a PDGE in Technology at secondary level. Entry requirements vary so it’s best to check with the course provider.

Alternate routes into teaching

These routes offer a little more flexibility in order to encourage diversity in the profession:

  • Distance Learning Initial Teacher Education PGDE Secondary – University of Aberdeen
  • Combined PGDE with integrated Masters & induction year in Secondary STEM subjects – University of Strathclyde

Amanda McCrorie - Design and Technology Teacher at Prestwick Academy

“One of the most important qualities in a teacher is being passionate, both about teaching and your subject. You need to enjoy it in order to create a positive learning environment for your pupils. I want to motivate pupils to achieve their best whilst enjoying their educational experience, therefore I work hard when creating new units of work to make them fun, interesting and relatable to the pupils. I think pupils can see how much I enjoy my job which encourages them to be more enthusiastic about the subject.

"There’s a myth with being a teacher that you’re going to be teaching the same thing every year but this isn’t true. One of the advantages of Design and Technology is that technology is always changing and we’re able to adapt our curriculum to meet that. This also gives you the chance to come up with creative lessons that will inspire pupils."

Angela Barclay - PT Technologies at Monifieth High School

“I love this job: it is different every day and it’s amazing to give young people the opportunity to engage with technology, especially at the current rate of development. With the wealth of courses we offer, I find it very rewarding to see young pupils progressing.

"Across our Technologies faculty we have three workshops and eight IT suites. We work with the latest technology: 3D printers, CNC routers, laser cutters, BBC microbits, and a vast range of software.

"There are challenging times but I love being able to inspire people and make a difference to their lives. There are opportunities to be creative every day. For example, the way I taught a topic last year might not suit this year’s students or I may have been inspired by something another teacher did, or even by something I read in a book or saw in a film, which I adapt and bring to my class."

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