“That making a breakthrough takes effort.”

“How to stir a school.”

“That you never stop learning.”

“That’s what teaching taught me.”

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What teaching taught them

fraser mckay teaching students in a computing classroom

Fraser McKay Computing Teacher, St John Ogilvie High School


"There's a kind of energy in a school...There's a buzz about it."

nadia Farooq smiling in a science classroom

Nadia Farooq Biology and ASN teacher, West Calder High School


"I don't know who learns more...they're teaching me things about myself that I didn't know."

Alasdair MacPhee

Alasdair MacPhee Gaelic medium primary teacher, Bun-sgoil Chnoc a’ Chonaisg (Whinhill Primary School)


"I once worked with a teacher who said that the teacher was the absolutely best resource we had for keeping Gaelic alive. I think about her words often to keep myself going!"

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