“One of the main reasons I became a teacher was the ability to give something back to my community, particularly my Gaelic background. Teachers have always played an integral role in my life, teachers who believed in me, motivated me and inspired my learning. As a Headteacher, the extent of your responsibilities is inevitably, enormous – you have to make tough decisions as you balance your responsibilities.

“Being a Headteacher has offered me the opportunity to make a difference on a scale that is unlike any I have ever known. I’m able to influence the future of all the pupils in a school community and it is an absolute honour to support a school to develop in a way that permeates your own vision and values.

“The driving force is knowing that the children in the schools I work in, like all children, deserve the very best. I would encourage anyone considering progressing their career into headship to embrace opportunities that come their way. Have confidence and believe in yourself, make mistakes and learn from them.”

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