Anne Anderson qualified as a teacher in June 1999. Looking to progress her career, Anne decided to apply for the programme as it seemed the right time both professionally and personally.

“I decided to do the course because I had been a depute headteacher in two schools for several years. I had been a principal teacher for 6 years and depute headteacher for 8 years. I had my family and decided that it was time to start thinking about the next step. The course seemed like the right opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone, see if I had the potential to take on a Headteacher’s role.”

“The opportunity to leave your school once a month and have the space and time for reflection and to engage in professional dialogue with others who are facing the same challenge as yourself is so valuable.”

For Anne completing Into Headship gave her the confidence to take the much-needed leap up her career ladder and also encouraged and spurred her on to continue on her learning journey.

“The most inspiring part about this course is to have the confidence to apply for a job. It’s also been incredible being able to take on the job of a headteacher and work with the pupils, parents and staff in my school. I am currently undertaking the programme which follows on from Into Headship – In Headship. Completing a further module called Coaching and Mentoring will give me enough credits to gain a Masters level qualification.”

“Don’t wait until you think you are ready to go for it because you will never be fully ready! Engage in academic study, make links with others out of your school and local authority and keep a journal to chart your progress. And always try to challenge your assumptions!”

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