Anita Buchan has been teaching for 15 years and depute headteacher for four years. She was considering her long-term future, when she applied for the Into Headship programme. She is now headteacher at Burnhaven School.

“Challenging, positive and valuable” are just some of the words that Anita describes the Into Headship programme. Anita had been in the position of depute headteacher for around 4 years, when she decided to apply for the Into Headship programme, as it just felt like a natural next step for her. Since completing the programme, she has found she is able to appreciate the role of a headteacher so much better.

“The course was excellent in preparing me for the role of headteacher – and although it was challenging at times, it truly re-ignited my passion and drive to explore the best standard for leadership and management. The programme taught me how to lead and manage staff in a much clearer way. Through a more strategic approach, I can now implement change in a positive and reflective way. It’s easier to look at the children but not so easy to look at ourselves. Teachers obtaining this qualification will develop a deeper understanding of this. “

Since completing the Into Headship qualification, Anita has met many fellow teachers across the country and feels much more positive about exploring new opportunities to learn more about teaching and leadership.
“This course has opened up a huge network of colleagues across Scotland for me to share learning and thinking with and to have a friendly and open debate alongside.”

Anita’s advice to any teachers looking to apply for a headteacher post:
“It’s a fantastic course and I would highly recommend it to any future headteachers. You get to meet others at the same stage in their career and it’s so good to talk to other aspiring headteachers who are in a parallel position – it makes you realise you’re not alone!”

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