“I was initially attracted to a career in teaching due to the love of my degree subject, History. Being a Headteacher was never my end goal.

“I was encouraged to apply for the Depute position due to my strong background in and commitment to learning and teaching. It took me a while to adjust to how different a Depute’s role is, however, once I had settled into the post I was able to start evaluating what the school needed.

“It’s clichéd but true, you really are in the position to make a difference, so it’s important to allow staff creativity in the curriculum and to try new things. Don’t get stuck behind your desk: build relationships with the pupils just as you did when you were a class teacher.

“Don’t apply to be a Headteacher for the status, your ego or the salary – you must do it for the right reasons. Your educational and personal values must be at the core of your decision to be a Headteacher.

“If you think, and trusted friends and colleagues agree, that you have what it takes to do the job, take a deep breath and dive in!”

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