Mohammad had originally planned on a career in research and development after graduating from Baghdad University in Chemistry, and completing a Ph.D at the University of Aberdeen. However, after a friend (and now also a fellow teacher) encouraged him to consider a career in teaching instead, he discovered a profound passion for education, and he left his career as a research fellow and qualified as a teacher in 2001. Since then, he has dedicated himself to nurturing the next generation of scientists and fostering a love of learning in his students.

“I’ve always been fascinated with chemistry since I was at school myself. I was captivated by chemical reactions, from the excitement of producing hydrogen to the mesmerizing process of copper electroplating.

“Before stepping into the classroom, I delved into the dynamic world of pharmaceutical research as a post-doctorate researcher at Aberdeen University, contributing to ground-breaking projects in pharmaceuticals and research for agricultural companies.

“Now, as a secondary school teacher for more then 20 years, I bring this wealth and knowledge from my background in chemistry and analytical skills to guide senior students in Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry.

“Teaching is more than just a profession to me; it’s an opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of children. The core of my work lies in education, motivation, and nurturing the aspirations of my students. Witnessing their growth and development brings me immense fulfilment and joy.”

Mohammad has also fallen in love with the North East of Scotland, with its beautiful scenery and access to the great outdoors, and the close-knit school and wider communities:

“I was drawn to Meldrum Academy, a bright and modern school, not just for its scenic surroundings nestled amid the Bennachie Hills, but also for the warm and welcoming atmosphere that permeates every corner of the campus. Our school is more than just a centre for education—it’s a vibrant hub of activity where the well-being and education of our children take precedence above all else.

“Being part of such a supportive and inclusive environment has been immensely rewarding. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion of everyone involved in our school community. I feel truly fortunate to contribute to this nurturing environment, which has not only facilitated my growth as an educator but has also offered boundless opportunities for personal and professional development.

“As a member of the school community, I thrive on collaboration and cooperation with my colleagues. Together, we continuously exchange ideas and feedback on teaching and learning practices, ensuring that our approach remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of our students and the educational landscape.
“In addition to my classroom duties, I take great pleasure in organising extracurricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, enterprise clubs, and various sports and academic competitions. These moments of adventure, teamwork, and mentorship create lasting memories and deepen our connections within the school community, enriching both our professional and personal lives.

Reflecting on his career, Mohammad shares what he has learnt during his time as a teacher:

“Teaching has been an eye-opening journey, revealing to me the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of education in ways I never anticipated. When I first embarked on this path, I had no idea of the depth and strength of the school community, nor the level of collaboration that exists within it.

“Witnessing the growth and development of my students has been immensely rewarding. What’s even more fulfilling is seeing many of them progress to positive destinations, pursuing careers in various fields such as nursing, medicine, engineering, chemistry, banking, education, retail, and entrepreneurship.

“Overall, teaching has taught me that education is not just about imparting knowledge but also about nurturing aspirations, fostering growth, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. It’s a dynamic and fulfilling role that continues to inspire me every day.”

Mohammad has this advice for anyone considering a career in teaching:

“One of the greatest benefits of teaching is that there’s never a dull moment. Each day brings new challenges, opportunities, and moments of inspiration. You’ll constantly find yourself learning and developing, both personally and professionally.

“Teaching is not just a job—it’s a fulfilling and impactful career that allows you to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation. If you’re passionate about making a difference and shaping the future, then teaching may be the perfect career path for you.”

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