“It was a privilege to be appointed as Headteacher of King’s Park Primary in February 2016. I am incredibly fortunate to work alongside senior leaders, teaching and support staff who strive to improve the lives of the children we work with. Working with highly motivated colleagues, from class teachers to the support, clerical and janitorial staff, who share my vision for ongoing improvement is very rewarding.

“In education, relationships are central to the learning, growth and development of children. We implement approaches to encourage children to reflect on their behaviour to ensure they take responsibility for their actions. We’ve opened a nurture space within the school to support our most vulnerable children and work with various partners in the community to help them feel safe and valued. My favourite part of the job is seeing incremental improvements in the children and staff because of the initiatives and policies implemented.

“To anyone considering progressing their career to headteacher I would say: be brave, trust yourself and accept it’s a journey. The biggest resource you have in education is your peers. It’s a challenging job, but the best advice you can get is from other teachers; no one understands what you’re going through better than them.”

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