Paid teacher training


Can I do salaried teacher training in Scotland?

Can I do salaried teacher training in Scotland?

No, paid teacher training isn’t offered in Scotland.

What support is available to train to be a teacher in Scotland?

Depending on what you are planning to teach there may be bursaries available to help with the cost of teacher education. If you have been employed for at least three of the previous years and have a degree in the following subjects you may qualify:

  • Maths
  • ComputingTechnical Education
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

How to get funding for teaching courses

If you are resident in Scotland your undergraduate tuition fees will be paid for, and this funding also covers fees for sitting the PGDE.

You will also be eligible for a means-tested student loan to help with living costs during your studies. See our page on funding and fees to find out more about the costs and the help that’s available.

"Teachers are well paid, and the pay scale system works well, especially for new teachers as you move up each year."Chris Smith – Maths Teacher