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Teaching is a career that’s right for a lot of people. But don’t take our word for it, ask the people in the know.
Their journey and experiences could be very similar to yours.

Catriona Gardiner

Health and Food Technology Teacher

West Calder High School

“That building relationships and trust is the most important part of teaching.”

Kenneth Drummond

Principal Teacher - Mathematics and Technologies

Armadale Academy

“That you can genuinely work in a profession where every day is different from the next.” 

Nadia Farooq

Biology Teacher

West Calder High School

“To better understand children with Additional Support Needs.”

Chris Smith

Maths Teacher

Grange Academy

That every day as a teacher is different but each one has its own highlights.”

Sharon Ramsay

Drama Teacher

West Calder High School

“I’ve learned to expect the unexpected and to always have a backup plan for every lesson! Especially these past 2 years.”

Stuart Robertson

Modern Languages Teacher (French)

West Calder High School

“The importance of having a positive relationship with pupils, having a good rapport with them is half the battle.”

Nahid Aslam

Secondary Supply Teacher

Portobello High School

“The importance of having good role models.”

Blair Minchin

Primary Teacher/Middle Leader

Victoria Primary School

“That every child; every lesson; every day is unique and filled with opportunity.”

Suzie Hurley

Modern Languages Teacher (French and German)

West Calder High School

“To challenge myself to constantly think creatively at all times to optimise pupil engagement.”

Chris Dunn

Computer Science Teacher

West Calder High School

“To always do what you say you are going to do”

Liz Deighton

Computer Science Teacher

Boroughmuir High School

“That every child is different and every child can reach their own goals.”

Calum Robinson

Computer Science Teacher

West Calder High School

“That young people are all unique and that within a class of 20, you need to have 20 different approaches to anything.”

Hayley Richards

Business Education Teacher

Portobello High School

“That you never stop learning.”

Sam Hogarth

Music Teacher

West Calder High School

“To understand more about myself than I ever thought before.”

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