“Graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Process Engineering, a degree which involved a lot of problem solving in the areas of Chemistry, Physics and Maths, I was fortunate to start my career with numerous pathways open to me. I started working as project manager in the private banking sector and after a short while I decided I wanted to follow my passion for teaching.

“Prior to changing career, I had given it a lot of thought and spent time speaking to current teachers, so was confident that teaching would be a career suited to my character and personality. I felt that coming from industry gave me a certain advantage. I already had experience of a work environment and although now working with young people, a lot of the skills I had developed previously were transferrable.

“After almost 2 years now, I know I made the right choice. I would highly recommend a career as a STEM teacher, there are few careers where you are fortunate enough to be a part of something that is always evolving and there is a great opportunity to transfer this excitement and enthusiasm across to the young people in front of you every day.”

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