A guide to part time teacher training


Can I do teacher education part time?

Can I do teacher education part time?

Yes, some universities offer the option for part time study, letting you complete it over two years, but the majority of PGDE courses are run full time and take one year. The best thing to do is contact the university you are considering studying at and ask if they are offering or planning to offer the PGDE part time.
You will spend around half of the PGDE at university learning about general teaching and your chosen subject. The other half of the time will be spent on teaching placements.
"I’m originally from Dublin, but moved to Scotland to work in a primary school four years ago. At St David’s I work in a promoted post as a Development Officer. I’m a member of the management team and I’m also developing play-based learning. I would encourage anyone to teach here – there’s so many great opportunities."Aoife Lambert – Primary Teacher at St David's RC Primary School

After the PGDE

Once you’ve completed the PGDE you become a probationer and need to complete a probationary year. This probationary year needs to be completed full time. Once this year has passed you will be fully qualified.

All Scottish teaching students are guaranteed a teaching job for one year in a school in Scotland thanks to the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS).