Teacher Holidays


Do teachers get long holidays?

Yes, compared to other professional roles, teachers do get a generous amount of holidays. This includes the long summer holiday and generous time off during the festive seasons.
But teachers also work long hours during term. And while holidays are long, some of this time will be spent planning for the term ahead. There is also little flexibility to take time off during term. The holiday entitlement isn’t a reason in itself for pursuing a career in teaching, it’s certainly a bonus.

"Don’t be put off, or don’t be scared about not knowing enough of the technical side of things, it’s something that you will learn while you are doing the course and it’s something you will learn while you are in the job."Thomas Flower – PGDE student

Do teachers in Scotland get paid holiday?

Yes, teachers in Scotland get 40 days holiday full pay which is pro-rated for part-time staff. A teacher year is made up of 195 working days.