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Teaching Makes People x University of the Highlands & Islands


Teaching Makes People x The University of Aberdeen


Teaching Makes People x Queen Margaret University


Teaching Makes People x University Event FAQs


Find the answers to the top 5 asked questions during our Teaching Makes People x University events.


  1. Are you guaranteed a job once you graduate?

You are guaranteed a one-year probationary teaching post with a Scottish local authority school. The probationary year in Scotland is known as the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS).

  1. Do I have to undertake my probation year in the same local authority area my university is located in?

No. You can select up to five local authority areas in order of preference. You can find out more at The General Teaching Council for Scotland website.

  1. What would you recommend as a suitable means of getting relevant experience with children during Covid-19?

Universities across Scotland are aware that gaining experience within schools is challenging at the moment. Establishing a connection between your local school and making them aware that you are interested in gaining experience is the first step.

Also have a think about local groups such as Guides, Scouts, sports clubs or any online groups. You can also use this time to reflect on transferable skills from any interests, hobbies and  experience you have that may be relevant to teaching.

Please remember, to work with children, you must be PVG cleared.

  1. Are older students and career changes welcomed on the PGDE course?

Yes, absolutely! Find out more from our career changers here.

  1. What is the best way to prepare for applying and interviewing for the PGDE course?

Think about why you want to be a teacher, what skills and experience do you have that are relevant and how can this be applied to a career in teaching. It’s also important to do your research, look into what it takes to become a teacher and find out about Scotland’s world-leading national curriculum, Curriculum for Excellence. Discover further advice on how to become a teacher here.


For any post-event questions specific to the universities, please contact:

University of the Highlands and Islands –

The University of Aberdeen –

Queen Margaret University –

The University of Dundee –

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